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3rd Australasian VIRTUAL Conference for Neuroscience, Learning and Well-being


Adelaide - South Australia

3rd Australasian VIRTUAL Conference for Neuroscience, Learning and Well-being

Sincerest thanks to our wonderful presenters from around Australia and the US for their insightful, passionate and inspiring presentations. Our heartfelt thanks to all presenters on 18 March 2022 Professor Selena Bartlett, Dr Delia McCabe, Thedy Veliz from California, Karen Ferry,  Maria Ruberto, Robert Rostolis, Stephen Campbell, Josh Gee and the Diamond Creek East Primary School team, Dr David Collins and on 19 March 2022 Dr Anne Southall,  Sheryl Batchelor, Jacqueline Reid, Dr Sonja Kuzich, Dr Kelly-Ann Allen, Dr Rick van der Zwan and Dr Sonja Vanderaa for giving of their precious time and for sharing their expertise, research, knowledge and skills. 


Our warmest regards and sincere thanks to all our attendees from Australia and internationally, Singapore, Sweden, Portugal and Rwanda. We hope to see you again next year and please spread the word! 


The goal of the conference was to highlight how neuroscience principles inform psychological theory and ways to implement in the educational environment to support and acknowledge, validate and celebrate teachers and their valuable work as they teach, guide and mentor our most precious assets - our children! 


If you’d like to see the conference because you’ve missed it please rest assured as you can still register as the recordings will be available for up to 3 months.

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*Please also note that the recordings will be available for viewing for up to 3 months after the conference for each attendee.


The Institute for Neuroscience and Education (iN-Ed) focuses on learning and research to enhance the use of Neuroscience principles and practices in educational settings. The paradigm of education is shifting from cognitive performance-based outcomes to thriving, sustained learning. This shift is profound in terms of brain development and deep learning. The iN-Ed builds the capacity of educators to apply neuroscience to pedagogy and improve learning outcomes and well-being for children and young people through the provision of online learning, conferences, workshops and advocacy. The iN-Ed collaborates with key stakeholders, Departments and Ministries of Education and Student Well-being, Schools and Universities.