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March 2020 - Melbourne, Australia
Parenting Evening Seminar - 
Post-Conference Workshop - 
Melbourne, Australia

2nd  Australasian Conference for Neuroscience,

Learning and Well-being

Post-Conference One Day Workshop


Thedy Veliz, Dr David Collins & Rita Princi-Hubbard

Embracing Different Learning Styles to Enhance

Student Well-being and Social Justice

Wednesday, 1 April 2020 - 8:30pm to 4:00pm

Celtic Hall, Catholic Leadership Centre

As we better understand how the brain develops and functions, it is becoming clear that a standard approach to teaching might not take advantage of the different learning and relating styles that are inherent in human diversity.  This might contribute to many children feeling inadequate and misunderstood.  While we have a tendency to view children’s negative behaviours as something that needs to be corrected through strict discipline and consequences; it is possible that via disrespect, anger, defiance, lack of attention, and hyperactivity that the child attempts to communicate his or her need for an approach that is more tailored to his or her unique sensitivities.  Thus, teachers can use the power of the teacher-student relationship to deploy interventions that down-regulate or reduce the child’s stress response system and focuses on the child’s strengths while modelling this relationally supportive approach to the entire classroom.  In this way, the teacher is indirectly addressing the overall learning system every time the focus is placed directly on a particular child resulting in a collaborative brain-based educational approach that enhances the classroom’s sense of community and social justice.


While being exposed to theoretical formulations, research findings, and interventions are critical components of acquiring new knowledge, immediate application of this knowledge allows it to be quickly integrated and operationalized with respect to specific behavioural challenges that educators might be struggling with.  This workshop will encourage teachers to share specific cases that they are currently trying to address so that the concepts outlined can be directly applied to such specific cases.

2nd Australasian Conference for Neuroscience, Learning and Well-being

Catholic Education Centre

Address: 576 Victoria Parade, East Melbourne VIC 3002