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March 2020 - Melbourne, Australia
Parenting Evening Seminar - 
Post-Conference Workshop - 
Melbourne, Australia

2nd  Australasian Conference for Neuroscience,

Learning and Well-being

Parenting Evening Seminar



Thedy Veliz, Dr David Collins & Rita Princi-Hubbard

Parenting with YoUR brain in mind

Tuesday, 31 March 2020 -7:00pm to 9:00pm

Celtic Hall, Catholic Leadership Centre



Childhood and adolescence is a time of enormous change, and not just for young people. Parents can be left feeling confused as these changes unfold in front of them. While there is no road map to navigate these years, there are key principles gleaned from neuroscience that provides a set of scientifically based principles from which we can base our parenting approach. Chief amongst these principles is the importance of the parent-child relationship. By providing a safe and stable relationship with your child, you are effectively shaping your child’s brain architecture. By understanding the science of neuroplasticity, you can then be in a position to learn about the brain-based principles that help your child to thrive throughout life, and the things you may do that threaten this thriving. Parents who attend this seminar can expect to learn:


  1. How your supportive behaviour can shape your child’s brain forever

  2. How to connect to your child and form a flourishing relationship to help build resilience and social confidence


This seminar will present an approach to clarify and explain children’s challenging behaviors as problems with self-regulation; the ability to manage disruptive emotions and the expression of these emotions, for example, aggression, defiance, avoidance and withdrawal.  Applying the parent-child neuropsychotherapy protocol, this parenting seminar will highlight the importance of the parent’s ability to self-regulate in order for the parent to be in a position to provide co-regulation (a parent’s ability to use their emotion to regulate a child’s emotion) as a way to model and encourage the child’s self-regulatory capabilities.  The protocol will provide a framework to address children’s emotional and behavioral difficulties by encouraging parents to focus on the neurodevelopmental dynamic that require support and development through the down regulation of the child’s stress response system rather than focusing on eliminating the negative behavior.  Brain-based healing is facilitated when developmental and evolutionary principles are used to guide the way of attending to the needs of the child by establishing interventions that result in safety, connection and integration between the parent and child to provide tools to enhance parents and children’s ability to self-regulate. The key message will be about how the nature of the relationship with your child will shape their brains for many years to come.


During the seminar, parents will be provided with the opportunity to ask questions pertaining to challenges they are experiencing and ways to support and connect with their children.


2nd Australasian Conference for Neuroscience, Learning and Well-being

Catholic Education Centre

Address: 576 Victoria Parade, East Melbourne VIC 3002