3rd Australasian LIVE & VIRTUAL Conference for Neuroscience, Learning and Well-being


Adelaide - South Australia

About the Conference 2021

Understanding the educational principles of memory and learning were for a long time the holy grail of successful teaching. Recent discoveries in Educational Neuroscience have opened a new understanding of memory – how we learn and what are the guidelines to effective teaching. The Conference will showcase the latest research on Neuroscience and Education and will provide practical guidelines towards the paradigm of brain based learning and wellbeing: the shift from fear based learning to thriving learning to maximise capacity and wellness.

The Institute for Neuroscience and Education proudly presents the 2nd Virtual Australasian Conference for Neuroscience, Learning and Well-being.  We are very pleased to welcome all our Presenters and Attendees to the 2021 Conference. 


The 2021 Conference presentations will focus on key principles of neuroscience to understand the new paradigm of learning and provide practical strategies to apply brain-based learning in various educational settings.


Key aspects that will be addressed are:


  • Understanding the principles of neuroplasticity neuroscience that underpins a growth mindset

  • The "sensitive" child -  The ways sensitivity manifests itself in multiple ways

  • The importance of attachment and safety to the child’s neural development

  • The importance of teacher and student wellbeing on the student and teacher relationship

  • The social brain and learning

  • Sharing Neuroscience research about the role of dialogue and academically productive talk

  • Developmental neurogenomics informed pedagogical interventions for challenging students

  • Resilience in the school environment: Resources for educators

  • Understanding and harnessing student motivation in the classroom.

  • What does it mean to be a trauma informed school?

  • The impact of trauma on the developing brain

  • Teaching brain fitness to school aged children.

  • What do we learn from neuroscience about the essential principles of brain-based pedagogy?

  • Environments that capture curiosity, enhance learning and promote student wellbeing

  • Wellbeing is Learning: the case for the adolescent brain, and the need for individualised wellbeing

  • How to facilitate an enriched environment and take-home strategies to minimize risk factors

  • The neuroscience of fun and learning

  • Whole-school well-being and practical tools